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Author Title Year
Abraham, Manja D. Vergelijking Druggebruik POLS/Jongeren en NPO 2001
Abraham, Manja D. Places of drug purchase in The Netherlands 1999
Abraham, Manja D. The impact of urban residency and lifestyle on illicit drug use in The Netherlands 1999
Abraham, Manja D. Drug use and lifestyle: Behind the superficiality of drug use prevalence rates 1998
Abraham, Manja D., Peter Cohen & Dirk Jan Beukenhorst Letter to the editor of The British Journal of Psychiatry: Comparative cannabis use data. 2001
Abraham, Manja D., Peter Cohen, Roelf-Jan van Til, & Marieke Langemeijer Licit and illicit drug use in Amsterdam III: Developments in drug use 1987 - 1997. Report of a household survey in 1987, 1990, 1994 and 1997 on the prevalence of drug use among the population of 12 years and over 1998
Abraham, Manja D., Peter Cohen, Roelf-Jan van Til, & Mariëlle de Winter Licit and illicit drug use in the Netherlands, 1997: Report of a household survey in 1997 on the prevalence of drug use among the population of 12 years and over 1999
Abraham, Manja D., Hendrien L. Kaal, & Peter D.A. Cohen Licit and illicit drug use in Amsterdam, 1987 to 2001: Development of drug use in Amsterdam, as measured in five population surveys between 1987 and 2001 2003
Abraham, Manja D., Hendrien L. Kaal, & Peter D.A. Cohen Licit and illicit drug use in the Netherlands, 2001: Report of a household survey in 2001 on the prevalence of drug use among the population of 12 years and over 2002
Bergman, Derrick Het hele gedoe rondom verslaving is voodoo’. Waarom Peter Cohen de strijd voor beter drugsbeleid heeft opgegeven 2010
Boekhout van Solinge, Tim Drugs and decision-making in the European Union 2002
Boekhout van Solinge, Tim De besluitvorming rond drugs in de Europese Unie 2000
Boekhout van Solinge, Tim Dutch drug policy in a European context 1999
Boekhout van Solinge, Tim Het drugsbeleid in Zweden 1999
Boekhout van Solinge, Tim Drug use and drug trafficking in Europe 1998
Boekhout van Solinge, Tim The Swedish drug control system 1997
Boekhout van Solinge, Tim Drugs in France: Prevalence of use and drug seizures 1997
Boekhout van Solinge, Tim Ganja in Jamaica 1996
Ganja in Jamaica (English)
Boekhout van Solinge, Tim Heroine, cocaine en crack in Frankrijk 1996
L'heroine, la cocaine et le crack en France
Boekhout van Solinge, Tim Enkele cijfers over de Franse drugssituatie in vergelijking met Nederland 1996
Boekhout van Solinge, Tim Cannabis in Frankrijk 1996
  Le cannabis en France
Boekhout van Solinge, Tim De Frans-Nederlandse drugbetrekkingen 1996
Boekhout van Solinge, Tim Cannabis in France 1995
Bruining, Wernard How to avoid criminalisation of Euro Cannabis, learning from the Dutch Experience. A plea for depenalizing, yet controlling production of Cannabis for private use in Europe. 2003
Caballero, Francis & Yann Bisiou Drug Law 2000
Droit de la Drogue
Cohen, Peter The earnings model for illegal drugs and the prescient view of the Hulsman Commission. A brief history of an Inquisition. 2021
  Il modello di profitto delle droghe illegali e la visione preveggente della Commissione Hulsman. Breve storia di una inquisizione.  
Cohen, Peter Human Brainwash Zomerradio NPO 1 Radio praat met Peter Cohen 2020
Cohen, Peter Interview with Dr. Peter Cohen on the 13th of April 2020 about the concept of 'addiction'. 2020
Cohen, Peter De emancipatie van ‘afhankelijkheid’. Angst voor ‘verslaving’ kan verminderen 2017
  The emancipation of ‘dependency’. There is good reason to be less fearful of ‘addiction’  
Cohen, Peter Tien Jaar Spuiten en Slikken 2015
Cohen, Peter Drug Policy as Freedom from Rationality. The prosecution of the Rototom music festival in Italy. 2012
  Les politiques de drogue exemptées de toute rationalité – Les poursuites judiciaires contre le festival de musique de Rototom en Italie  
  Politica delle droga come Liberta 'dalla razionalita'. L'incriminazione del festival musicale Rototom in Italia  
  La política de drogas ajena a toda racionalidad. La judicialización del festival de música Rototom en Italia.  
Cohen, Peter Less THC, more public health? 2011
Cohen, Peter The concept of 'drug harms' 2010
  I "danni di droga" quanto e scientifico questo concetto?  
Cohen, Peter The Naked Empress. Modern neuro-science and the concept of addiction. 2009
  L’impératrice nue: Les neurosciences modernes et le concept de dépendance  
  L’imperatrice nuda. Le neuroscienze moderne e il concetto di dipendenz  
  Die nackte Herrscherin: Die moderne Neurowissenschaft und das Konzept der Abhängigkeit  
Cohen, Peter Observation about cannabis use and cannabis policy 2009
  해외 전문가 의견서  
Cohen, Peter Het oog van Antwerpen.Voordracht bij de presentatie van de Antwerpse Drug en Alcoholmonitor 24 april 2008 2008
Cohen, Peter Antonio Costa’s speech opening CND 2008 2008
Cohen, Peter De cultuur van het cannabisverbod. Zijn het politieke luiheid en desinteresse die deze gaffe drijvend houden? 2007
  The culture of the ban on cannabis: Is it political laziness and lack of interest that keep this farcical blunder afloat?  
  La cultura del bando della cannabis  
  La culture de l’interdit du cannabis  
Cohen, Peter Europe and the mumbling grave stones 2006
  L’Europa e i sepolcri imbiancati  
  Europa og de mumlende gravsteiner  
Cohen, Peter Looking at the UN, smelling a rat 2006
  Costa vola in soccorso dei fondamentalisti  
Cohen, Peter Perspectieven op een levensstijl. Geschiedenissen van opium- en heroïneverslaving. 2004
  Views of a lifestyle. Stories of opium and heroin addiction  
Cohen, Peter The social and health consequences of cocaine use. An introduction 2004
  Soziale und gesundheitliche Folgen des
Kokainkonsums. Eine Einführung
  Le conseguenze sociali e sanitarie del consumo di cocaina. Una introduzione  
Cohen, Peter Bewitched, bedevilled, possessed, addicted. Dissecting historic constructions of suffering and exorcism. 2004
Cohen, Peter Harm refusal. Making peace with cocaine, and advancing from harm reduction to harm refusal. 2003
Cohen, Peter The drug prohibition church and the adventure of reformation 2003
  La Iglesia de la Prohibición y la Aventura Reformista  
  La chiesa del proibizionismo e l'avventura della riforma  
  Die Anti-Drogen-Kirche und das Abenteuer der Reformation  
  L’Eglise de la prohibition des stupéfiants et l’aventure de la réformation  
Cohen, Peter Statement to the Select Health Committee of the New Zealand Parliament 2001
Cohen, Peter Senate hearing of Peter Cohen, Special Committee on Illegal Drugs, Canadian Senate, May 28, Ottawa, Canada 2001
  Témoignage du sénat de Peter Cohen, Comité Spécial sur les Drogues Illicites, Sénat Canadien, 28 mai, Ottawa, Canada  
Cohen, Peter Is the addiction doctor the voodoo priest of Western man? 2000
  Vajon az addiktológus a nyugati ember voodoo-papja?  
Cohen, Peter Letter to the Editors of Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment 2000
Cohen, Peter De kritiek van de Amsterdamse politie op de drugshulpverlening. Wie heeft gelijk? 2000
Cohen, Peter Tackling drug related crime. What can we learn from our partners in Europe? 2000
Cohen, Peter Het hazenpad 2000
  Chickening out
  Die Flucht vor der Hintertur
Cohen, Peter Shifting the main purposes of drug control: From suppression to regulation of use 1999
Un mutamento di rotta degli obiettivi principali del controllo sulla droga: Dall'eliminazione del consumo alla sua regolazione
Cohen, Peter Heroin maintenance in the Netherlands: The case of the Rev. Visser in Rotterdam 1998
Parte la distribuzione di eroina in Olanda: Il caso del pastore Visser di Rotterdam
Cohen, Peter De nieuwe richtlijnen voor opsporing 1997
  Die neuen Fahndungsrichtlinien
Cohen, Peter Monitoring cannabis use: A case study 1997
Cohen, Peter Notes on (methods of) drug use prevalence estimation and other drug use research in a city 1996
Cohen, Peter Wat kan de Belgische politiek doen aan verbeteren van drugbeleid? 1996
Cohen, Peter Het paarse drugbeleid: Van normalisering tot task force 1995
Cohen, Peter Cannabisgebruikers in Amsterdam 1995
Cannabis users in Amsterdam
Cannabiskonsumenten in Amsterdam
Consumatori di Cannabis ad Amsterdam
Cohen, Peter The case of the two Dutch drug policy commissions: An exercise in harm reduction 1968-1976 1994
Cohen, Peter Future drug policy in the countries of the former Eastern Bloc 1993
  (Russian translation)
Cohen, Peter Re-thinking drug control policy: Historical perspectives and conceptual tools 1993
  (Russian translation)
  Repensando la politica de control de drogas
Cohen, Peter Junky Elend: Some ways of explaining it and dealing with it 1992
  Junky Elend. Algumas propostas de explicação e resolução
Cohen, Peter Drugs as a social construct 1990
Cohen, Peter De grijze methadonmarkt: geluk bij een ongeluk? 1989
Cohen, Peter, & Hendrien Kaal The irrelevance of drug policy. Patterns and careers of experienced cannabis use in the populations of Amsterdam, San Francisco and Bremen 2001
Cohen, Peter, & Ed Leuw Overheid criminaliseert marihuanateelt ondanks succes gedoogbeleid 1999
Cohen, Peter, Paul Sandwijk, Sako Musterd, & Marieke Langemeijer Drug use and health. Correlating scores on the Short Form 36 Health Status Scale with drug use in the population of Amsterdam. 1995
Cohen, Peter, & Arjan Sas Cannabis use in Amsterdam: Report of a survey among 216 experienced cannabis users in Amsterdam about career and functions of cannabis consumption 1998
Cohen, Peter, & Arjan Sas Cannabis use, a stepping stone to other drugs? The case of Amsterdam 1997
  Cannabiskonsum als Einstieg zu anderen Drogen? Das Beispiel Amsterdam
Cohen, Peter, & Arjan Sas Cocaine use in Amsterdam II. Initiation and patterns of use after 1986 1995
Cohen, Peter, & Arjan Sas Cocaine use in Amsterdam in non deviant subcultures 1994
  Usages de cocaine chez les consommateurs inseres a Amsterdam
Cohen, Peter, & Arjan Sas Ten years of cocaine. A follow-up study of 64 cocaine users in Amsterdam 1993
Cohen, Peter, & Arjan Sas Loss of control over cocaine: Rule or exception? 1992
Davies, John, Douglas Cameron & Ernest Drucker Damned and be Unpublished? 2002
Gardner, Dan You can't trust the drug 'experts' 2004
Grinspoon, Lester MD Marihuana as Medicine: A Plea for Reconsideration 1995
Harrison, Lana D., Michael Backenheimer & James A. Inciardi Cannabis use in the United States: Implications for policy 1996
Jansen, Ad The economics of cannabis-cultivation in Europe 2002
Jansen, Ad Prijsvorming in de Nederlandse marihuana-sector 1990-1995 1996
Die Preisgestaltung des niederlandischen Marihuanasektors 1990-1995
Jay, Mike Legalisation: The first hundred years. What happened when drugs were legal and why they were prohibited 2002
Kaal, Hendrien Who are drug users in the Netherlands? 2001
Langemeijer, Marieke The prevalence of illicit drug use in the general population and in schools, as monitored by a number of different methods 1997
Levine, Harry G. The secret of world-wide drug prohibition: The varieties and uses of drug prohibition 2001
Levine, Harry G., & Craig Reinarman Alcohol prohibition and drug prohibition. Lessons from alcohol policy for drug policy. 2004
Polak, Frederick Thinking about drug law reform: Some political dynamics of medicalization 2000
Quensel, Stephan, Birgitta Kolte & Frank Nolte Zur Cannabis-Situation in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland 1995
Reinarman, Craig The Dutch example shows that liberal drug laws can be beneficial 2000
Reinarman, Craig Why Dutch drug policy threatens the U.S. 1998
  Morele ideologie VS haaks op drugsbeleid Nederland
  Perche la politica olandese minaccia l'America
Reinarman, Craig The drug policy debate in Europe: The case of Califano vs. The Netherlands 1997
Reinarman, Craig Librarians and other subversives: thruth can be a casualty of drug wars, too 2005
Reinarman, Craig Policing Pleasure. Food, Drugs, and the Politics of Ingestion 2007
Reinarman, Craig, & Peter Cohen Is Dutch drug policy the Devil? 1999
Reinarman, Craig, Peter Cohen, & Hendrien Kaal The Limited Relevance of Drug Policy: Cannabis in Amsterdam and in San Francisco 2004
Reinarman, Craig, & Harry G. Levine Crack in the Rearview Mirror: Deconstructing Drug War Mythology 2004
Sandwijk, Paul, Peter Cohen, Sako Musterd, & Marieke Langemeijer Licit and illicit drug use in Amsterdam II: Report of a household survey in 1994 on the prevalence of drug use among the population of 12 years and over 1995
Sas, Arjan Science on the Internet: The pros and cons of publishing on the world wide web and the possibilities of monitoring information 1998
Sas, Arjan, & Peter Cohen Patterns of cannabis use in Amsterdam among experienced cannabis users 1997
Sas, Arjan, & Peter Cohen Cocainegebruik: korte periode in stedelijk leven, makkelijk te verminderen 1993
Stel, Jaap van der Het ziektebegrip van verslaving 2004
Stel, Jaap van der Debat over legalisering van drugs gewenst 2000
  Debate wanted about legalisation of drugs
Teurlings, Mark, & Peter Cohen Het regelen van de ‘achterdeur’ van coffeeshops. Onderzoek naar juridische belemmeringen 2005
Tierney, John The Czars’ Reefer Madness 2006
Til, Roelf-Jan van Het eerste nationale drugsprevalentie-onderzoek 1997
Uitermark, Justus The origins and future of the Dutch approach towards drugs 2004
Uitermark, Justus Tussen zorg en repressie 2002
Uitermark, Justus, & Peter Cohen Decriminalisation: A short description, and the social process behind it 2005
Uitermark, Justus, & Peter Cohen Amphetamine users in Amsterdam. Patterns of use and modes of self-regulation 2004
Uitermark, Justus, & Peter Cohen Nederland als filiaal van de Amerikaanse opsporingsmachine? 2003
  The Netherlands as a branch of American law enforcement?  
  Sovranità Limitata  
Veen, Hans T. van der The international drug complex 1999
Wodak, Alex, Craig Reinarman, & Peter Cohen Cannabis control: costs outweigh the benefits 2002