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Cohen, Peter (1990), Some critical remarks on the concept of "social rehabilitation"of drug addicts. In: Peter Cohen (1990), Drugs as a social construct. Dissertation. Amsterdam, Universiteit van Amsterdam. pp. 8-14.
© Copyright 1990 Peter Cohen. All rights reserved.


II. Some critical remarks on the concept of "social rehabilitation"of drug addicts - Notes


Peter Cohen
  1. This text is a paper, read in the Free University, Amsterdam, 24th January 1986. Published in: Donner, R. en Visser, A. Ph. (Ed): Rehabilitatie van druggebruikers. Free University Press, Amsterdam 1987.
  2. For a first class overview of methodological problems involved and shortcomings of these kinds of research cf Fazey, 1977.2
  3. Produced very cheaply by the English in India.
  4. For a study about opium use in China during the last centuries Kramer investigated a large number of sources. His conclusion: "For whatever reason, most evidence suggests that moderation in the consumption of smoking opium was the rule, in China and elsewhere. As with alcohol today, it exacted a heavy toll from some people and caused moderate disability for even larger numbers."


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